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Takoda Dogs Achievements...

LOKI - CH Oakstaff Masterpiece


We are proud of all our show achievements but Loki is one of few staffords in NZ to achieve his GOLD Canine Good Citizen. This is something I aim to achieve with as many of my dogs as possible so they are all working towards various levels on a continual basis.


Loki has also taken three Best in Shows at specialty shows at Stafford Specialty Shows under three different overseas judges. Below are the critiques from these shows.


Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show September 2012


Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show 2013

1st Marett's Ch Oakstaff Masterpiece CGC Gold. Black/brindle of 2 years 10 months. A quality dog exhibiting the virtues I look for. He has superb head properties including a great expression, dark enough eyes, neat ears, correct mouth with big canines and strong under jaw. He is clean fronted with a nice amount of lift and is well balanced. Sufficient angulation in rear quarters, level backline and positive movement. A stylish dog that I liked very much. Delighted to award DOG CC & BEST IN SHOW - Congratulations and well done.


Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show 2013

1st Marett's Ch Oakstaff Masterpiece CGC Gold. 2 years 10 months' black/brindle dog in fit condition. Very good head and expression, with neat ears and dark eyes. Excellent dentition with correct length of muzzle. Level backline and correctly set on tail. Well boned, straight front. Good feet and well angulated rear. Moved out very well. A top size dog that commanded my attention. DOG CC & BEST IN SHOW. Well done.


OPEN IN SHOW (July 2016)

Loki again proved himself as one of the best in NZ with a prestigious Reserve in Show ans Dog Challenge from world renowned judge Tom Heir.

We are so proud of this boy who can, whlist approaching Veteran age, still take top honours against the countries current regular top winners in complete style.

Here is the critique...

Judge Mr Thomas M Heir (Moindearq Kennels, Eire)

1. CH. OAKSTAFF MASTERPIECE CGC GOLD RN: Good outline, good head piece and ear set, deep through skull, good dark eye, clean fore face, good square front and bone, good to line held on the move, movement parallel front and back with plenty drive.

KODA - Takoda Mastermind


Takoda Mastermind follows in the footsteps of his sire taking Reserve Best in Show at the Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Specialty Show under UK Judge, Jo Samby (Gamestaff) The following is the judges Critique.

Class 11 Open Dog

1st Marett’s Takoda Mastermind

Black brindle. Lovely type of dog with dark round eye, correct bite, short coupled. Moved with perfect drive and great expression. CC Winner

We are so proud of this homebred boy and look forward to lots more fun with him in the future.


Only a couple of weeks later and our young homebred lad Takoda Mastermind (Koda)has done it again!!!

Taking Reserve Best In Show at the Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Specialty Show under Australian Judge, Jodie Sing (Prankster) The following is the judges Critique.

Junior Dog

1. Takoda Mastermind Black Brindle dog who caught my eye on entering the ring. Possessing breed type and strength, with a classic headpiece strong and deep through with blunt muzzle. Dark pigmentation, scissor bite, strong underjaw, muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders with good front, spring of rib and depth of brisket. Ample bone. Level topline nice outline,defined muscular hindquarters. Moved with purpose and drive, tail set correct and carried well. Handled well. CC Dog RUIS Well done.




In July this year we achieve our 3rd homebred Champion with Takoda Mastermind (Koda) gaining his 8th Challenge certificate and NZ Champion title and taking out Best in Show at the Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society Show under UK Judge Justine Blyth (Bustabones) So proud of this boy who has never been a fan of the show ring but can certainly perform when necessary!

SCSBTS Show One, 25th July 2015. Judge - Tania Huitema (South Australia)

Open dog 1st – Takoda Mastermind - Brindle, lovely type. Strong, clean head with district stop and pronounced cheek muscles, round dark eyes, neat small rose ears. Correct length of neck, straight front with adequate bone and good strong padded feet, short back, level topline and good turn of stifle. 

SCSBTS Show Two, 25th July 2015. Judge - Justine Blyth (Bustabones, Tasmania Australia)

Open Dog 1st - Marett Takoda Mastermind.

2yo Brindle. Top sized upstanding dog, commanding attention and he had mine as soon as he entered the ring. He impressd me wth his overall balance and blend o bull and terrier. A beautiful headpiece with good muzzle to skull proportions. Pronounced stop and good rise of skull, free from wrinkle. Dark, round eyes with keen masculine expression. Muzzle strong, clean an without any excess lip, housing large teeth, in a scissor bite, with well placed canines. Well pronounced cheek bumps. Small neat rose ears. His strong neck blends into ell lid, clean, shoulders and front strong an straight, with feet turning out a little. He holds a level topline both standing and moving. Good spring of rib and brisket to elbow. He has a good short back. His hindquarters are strong and well muscled. True coming and going and presented in fit condition - it was my pleasure to award him Dog CC and then on to Best in Show. I also believe this was his final Challenge Certificate for his Championship Title - congratulations and well deserved.

GPSY - CH Takoda Superminx


Gpsy has been a very consistent show bitch and from limited shows had gained her 8th Challenge Certificate and NZ Championship Title.

She has also produced two beautiful litters with her Daughter 'Zola' already proving herself in the specialty ring and now young 'Poppy' campigned by Anevay Kennels in HB also looking a promising prospect.

ZOLA - Takoda Champagne Lady


Our lovely baby bitch Takoda Champagne Lady (Zola) took Baby Puppy in Show at both SCSBTS Shows this year. It was wonderful to have her owner Graeme with us to witness her achievement and a big thank you to Sian for helping out and and handling our baby so professionally.

SCSBTS July 2015 Show One - Judge Tania Huitema (South Australia)

Baby Bitch 1st – Takoda Champaigne Lady – Brindle, very smart baby. Correct head shape, lovely expression with neat rose ears, dark round eyes. Straight front with enough bone and neat feet, correct length of neck, short back going into good turn of stifle. Baby in Show

SCSBTS July 2015 Show Two - Judge Justine Blyth (Bustabones, Tasmania Australia)

Baby Puppy Bitch


5 mths Brindle. She came in and I immediately thought, what a lovely baby. Head developing as it should be, strong and clean with good expression. She has dark round eyes and neat rose ears. Really well made baby, with good bone. She has a strong straight front. Ribs well sprung. Her topline I level and she is nice and short in back. She has strong well angled hind quarters into short hocks. Tail set and carried rather low. Moved very well for one so young. Stole Best Baby in Show, over her brother, on her lovely confirmation and movement. Will watch he progress with interest.


Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull terrier Society (July 2016)

Judge Ms Katrina Marsh, Neworder Kennels, Aust

ZOLA – Takoda Champagne Lady - 1ST; Black brindle, lovely type of bitch. Clean head of good proportions . Good stop and cheek. Lovely eye, neat ears. Although she didn't totally enjoy the ring her class shone through.

BEAR - Takoda Halo's Amulet

NZ BRED IN SHOW (April 2016)

Bear is a lovely big boy whos overexuberance sometimes boils over in the ring, however he has still managed some very pleasing results through 2016.

Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club 2016

Judge Erica Schelfhorst (Aust)

1. Takoda Halos Amulet. Black brindle. Top sized dog but not overdone in any way. He has good height to weight ratio. Nice head with enough depth and broadness, dark eye, neat ear, correct dentition, square front, ample bone but I thought he was a little soft in pastern, well ribbed back, holds a level topline on the move, correct turn of stifle, pump handle tail. Shown in good condition. Awarded New Zealand Bred in Show

JUNIOR IN SHOW (July 2016)

Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society 2016

Judge Mr Joe Nagel (Capstone Kennels, South Africa)

1st Takoda Halo’s Amulet / A well-presented black brindle with a good head-piece, correct bite, ear carriage, dark eye and typical expression. Well sprung rib, good tuck-up and level topline. Moved and shown well.

LULU - Takoda Dream Weaver


Lulu is a stunning wee girl who has more than done us proud in her first year. We expect a bright future from this lovely girl and look forward to more success with her going forward in 2017.

Northern Staffordshire Bull terrier Club April 2016

Judge Erica Schelfhorst

1. Takoda Dream Weaver. Black brindle 6 months old. Very feminine bitch with super clean outline. Head still developing but has correct proportions with depth. Correct scissor bite, clean tight lip, dark eye and neat enough ear. Short strong neck leading into straight front, depth to brisket, well ribbed back with short loin, neat compact feet, moved well with level topline, correct turn of stifle. Nicely muscled. A very nice bitch that has strength and agility throughout. She took my eye and I did consider her in the final lineup. I think she has a bright future to come. Best puppy in show

Judge : Mr Craig Leyden (Hardroad, Queensland)

1st Takoda Dream Weaver: Reserve Challenge Black Brindle with white on chest, an exciting specimen, good breed type, not overdone, balanced head with neat ear, dark eye well placed, shows good expression, on the tip of her toes, good balance, moves nicely, good rear, pump handle tail, keep this one a typey fine bitch with a body and you`ll really get into them (best puppy in show)

Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society July 2016

Judge Ms Katrina Marsh, Neworder Kennels, Aust

Takoda Dream Weaver 1ST; Black brindle, lovely type of bitch. Clean feminine headpiece . Well made front and rear quarters. Short coupled. Good strength of bone. Nothing overdone , tidy package. (best puppy in show)

Judge Mr Joe Nagel (Capstone Kennels, South Africa)

1st Takoda Dream Weaver / A lovely, well-made dark brindle pup with typical head shape, good body shape and not overdone in any way, true front, good bend of stifle, correct tail carriage. A sound mover.

Judge Mr Thomas M Heir, Moindearg, Eire

1. TAKODA DREAM WEAVER: Standard size Br. Good head, ear and eye, a little heavy in lip, good front and bone, and top line, bite good and moved good. (opposite puppy in show)


Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club (In conjunction with Ladies Kennels Club All breeds champs show)

Judge Harry Carter (UK) Stafford Specialist

1st Takoda Dream Weaver, B/Brindle, correct head shape with neat rose ears, Dark eye, Correct bite & clean Lip giving correct expression, straight front with well padded feet, Level top line, body shaping up well Moved & handled well