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Testimonials from our Puppy Families

ROSA (Jazi/Bear)

We first met Alison from Takoda Staffords when we were researching dog breeds. We visited her at her property and were immediately impressed by her. Of course we also fell in love with her gorgeous dogs. Alison spent over two hours with us answering all our questions and educating us about the breed. By the end of our visit we knew we wanted a Stafford and we wanted one from her. She is extremely passionate about what she does and all her dogs are very well loved and cared for. She uses only the highest quality dogs for breeding, and her dogs have produced some beautiful litters.

We were so excited to welcome Rosa to our family in January, 2019. She is the most loving, sweetest girl we could ever have hoped for. We're completely smitten, and after such a great first experience we are hoping to adopt a second pup from Alison once Rosa is older.

From the very beginning of the adoption process, Alison has been a fantastic communicator. While on her wait list we were kept informed of upcoming litters, and once the puppies were born and we were offered Rosa, we were in contact several times a week. Alison regularly posted photos and videos of the pups on her Facebook page, letting us know what was happening with the pups at their various stages, so right from the beginning we felt like we were getting to know our new pup. She provided a lot of general information for new dog owners, as well as information specific to Staffords. She has continued to provide ongoing support to us and is only an email or phone call away if we need anything. We keep in regular contact and we can honestly say that she goes above and beyond what we ever expected from a dog breeder. We have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who might be considering welcoming a Stafford into their home. A top quality breeder is of the utmost importance when considering purchasing a pedigree pup, and we feel confident that we found the perfect breeder in Alison.

Liz, Jonathan and Matthew O'Callaghan

Guinness (Skyy/Loki) and Rumble (Skyy/Roger)

Our family have been lucky enough to have two Takoda babies in our home.

I think that for me, the ongoing support of your breeder is CRITICAL. Someone who is there for you, day or night, to lend an ear, offer advice or point you in the right direction if they dont know.

I have appreciated the friendship and caring that I have received from Alison Marett and Takoda Kennels and would not hesistate to recommend her kennels to anyone looking for a quality dog to join their household.

Early training is critical to the success of a staffordshire puppy developing into a well rounded addition to any family

I have mine on a lead every day, just for a couple of minutes. I handle them a lot, we do nails 2-3 times a week, sometimes we inspect the nails, other times we cut or file them. We look at teeth, and get the puppy used to being touched and handled a LOT so that its not an issue if that puppy goes on to being shown for conformation, or is out in public with people. The staffordshire bull terrier needs a firm but kind hand and needs to have boundaries set right from the day it arrives in the home.

I would not be without a staffordshire bull terrier in our house, and hope to have another Takoda to join our family one day soon.

PEPPER (Lace/Koda)

If you are reading this then it's safe to assume that you are considering getting a Staffy.

The big question is not, is the Staffy right for you and your family, but are you right for a Staffy?

A Staffy (particularly from Takoda) will love you unconditionally, she will integrate herself into your family like she was born to be there, whatever love and affection you give her she will match ten fold.

So if that's what you are looking for then look no further.

You will be her movie star in a world without critics. Every single time you walk into the room she will be happy to see you. She is most happy when she is with you; either at your feet or sitting in your lap.

She will be smart, and sensitive (#bigmarshmallow), she will need daily exercise (rain, hail or shine) and demand attention but most importantly lots and lots of love.

If you are not ready to share your love and life like this then a Staffy is not for you.

But if you are ready to meet your absolute best, most loyal friend in the world then you have found the right dog.

Just be prepared for your life to change for ever.

Katie, Christy, Rosie, Ruby, Charlie and Pepper Peacock

SPUD (Gpsy/Judd)

We had looked for a Staffy pup for a long time! We finally chose to go through Takoda Kennels to find a fur baby. Alison was helpful from the start by giving alot of information about the breed and with puppy training. When Alison introduced us to Spud we knew he was gonna be the right dog for us. Alison is able to assess the relationship between puppies and their potential forever families. She explained his personality and his preferences. Alison observed and gave advice as needed when we introduced Spud to our gentle giant Sydney. When we first got to take Spud home we were excited and he settled in really quickly with no problems! The whole experience was positive and we will certainly recommend Takoda Kennels to friends and family.

Alison, we are incredibly grateful for your hardwork in everything you do for us and of course the fur babies!

The Tarei Family :-)

MABEL & ZARU (Loki/Skyy)

We have two beautiful Takoda girls - Mabel (4) and Zaru (3), known affectionalty as Tank (Tankerbelle) and Roo.

Mabel brings much love and sunshine to our house. She really is a character, and loved by everyone she meets. She's a bit of a tomboy! Loves going for walks along the beach and to the park, but would happily lounge around all day with you. She is ball crazy - and mostly has to have two at a time! She is the worlds happiest dog... even with only three legs!

The beautiful Zaru came to live with us when she was 8 months old. Zaru is a very gentle, considerate wee girl who is also loved by everyone she meets. She's at her happiest when she's drapped over you! She adores her big sister but knows who's boss! She too loves going to the park and chasing balls... but shes only allowed one! She goes to daycare twice a week where she has a lot of friends and really is the most social Stafford i know.

The support, advice and friendship we have recieved from Alison is second to none. From the get-go we were set up for sucess with care and training information and reading. It's really important to have a good relationship with your breeder. Over the years we've called on Alison for advice - It's very evident that she loves each and every pup she breeds. And i dont think you will find many breedeers who will drive from Rotorua to Auckland to help out a family when one of her pups (14 months old at the time) nearly she did for us! We have been blown away by her friendship and support. And we are really proud to be a part of the Takoda Family

Carmen, Greg, Ben and Tom.

CHICA (Loki/Halo)

One of the best contacts I was ever given was Alison at Takoda kennels. Alison is a prime example of what a great responsible breeder and and breeder/owner relationship should be like. Not only have I found my own Takoda pup to be of sound temperament but have met many Takoda pups who are the same. Health and temperament should be the first things you consider when looking at adopting a stafford. Alison has been a wonderful support over our 3 and a half years of having Chica (Takoda dream come true) and an absolute wealth of knowledge. I was astounded at the level of constant communication that Alison provided right from conception of the litter up until now and into the future. 3 years on I still know I can contact Alison at any time and she is always happy to offer advice or support. It's not a case of purchase the pup and you will never hear from her again. Alison truly has the wellbeing of all of her dogs and the breed at the heart of what she does. I have personally visited Alison's property and all the dogs are well cared for and pups raised according to latest research on brain and physical development, to achieve the best start and outcomes for her pups. Chica is a delightful wee girl, very obedient and super loving, she was easy to train. If a supportive passionate breeder of well rounded, well bred puppies is what you are looking for then I highly recommend Alison at Takoda kennels 💕

Kelly Bevege and Family

RALPH (Kyra/Bear)

I had always admired the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and decided about 2 years ago I decided to purchase one. I have a rescue bull breed x and love the high energy and fun loving nature she possess but didn't want to commit to another one of her size. In my job I see a lot of undesireable breeding so a reputable breeder who held a high standard of animal welfare for their breeding dogs and who focused on breeding healthy and well rounded puppies was an absolute must for me. I visited Takoda Kennels about 2 years before purchasing Ralph to meet Alison and view her facilities. I was thoroughly impressed with the condition of all her dogs, her disease controll processes and the dedication to her dogs from mating, to whelping right through to them being sold to new families. Timing was right for us 2 years later and we welcomed a new puppy into our lives. From pregnancy to purchase date, the updates and information given to us was second to none. Having Ralph has been such a pleasure. I am so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, confident, very handsome and well rounded pup in my life. He is loving and intelligent and I can whole heartedly say that his upbringing from day 1 with Alison is the reason why I have such a stable and wonderful pup. I would have no hesitations whatsoever to recommend Alison and her dogs at Takoda Kennels!

Maddie Lucas