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Our Takoda Family

LOKI - CH Oakstaff Masterpiece CGC GOLD RN

Loki was the first Stafford we had in the breed showring. He came to us from Rosemary Wood at Oakstaff kennels and is a fantastic ambassador for the breed. He is a NZ Champion with mulitpule Group placings, as well as Terrier Best in Show, Specialty Best In Show x 3 and Reserve in Show as well as many In Show specialty placings. He is a pleasure to show and has the kindest of temperaments, putting up with hours of playful torment from the other dogs on the property. He is reliable in Obedience & Agility situations and has achieved his Canine Good Citizen Certificate at Gold level as well as attaining his Rally Novice Title. His prodgeny are fantastic family pets and companions, many are successful in the showring and other dogs sports. We could not have asked for any more from this incredible dog who spends most of his time in retirement but omes out to strut his stuff for the occasional Veteran class as he really does still LOVE the limelight! We are very proud of our special boy!

DIVA - Wafare Prima Donna CGCS RN

Diva was our first stafford and although she is not in line with the breed standard for showing she is an amazing pet and fantastically fast agility dog! She has had achievements in Agility, Jumpers, Obediance, Rally O Novice Title and also completed Canine Good Citzen Silver award. She gets on with any and every dog she has ever met not even reacting to some who initially seem to warn her off. Diva is a complete clown, her signature pose is with her tounge poking out and she does the 'Happy Feet' dance when excited. We call her our little miracle dog as she was the runt of 10 and it looked unlikely she would survive at birth but thanks to her wonderful breeder, Vanessa Joyce at Warfare Kennels, Diva made it through to be one of the most enjoyable wee staffords you will ever find (and to my mind still the best stafford Warfare Kennels have ever bred)

HALO - Renegade Halo's-Aura CGC Bronze RN

Halo has come to us from Renegade Kennels. She was a hurricane of puppy madness bringing the spirit and fire of the Renegade line into our Kennel. Halo is very intelligent and loves her training sessions. She has had a few outings in the showring and behaved beautifully untill the judge wanted to handle her then she just wanted cuddles!!! Halo has achieved her Canine Good Citizen Certificate Bronze Level. Halo has produced two fantastic litters for us the first with our boy Koda and the second with Loki. Both litters produces stunning puppies all of which have excelled in their family and sporting adventures. Our own two dogs Bear and Lulu are from these litters and are carrying on the incredible lines of from their parents.

Koda - Takoda Mastermind

Koda is from our first litter with Loki and Skyy. He has more than followed in his fathers footsteps with multiple group placings, Specialty Best in Show and Reseve Best in show x2 as well as specialty in show placings. He has a terrier best in Show and is a NZ Champion.

Koda has sired some beautiful litters as well with progeny proving their worth in many facets especially as loyal family companions. He is the sire of our boy Bear and we are extremely proud of Kodas allround achievements.

Gpsy - Takoda Superminx

This sweet wee girl is also from our first litter with Loki and Skyy. She has achieved her NZ Champion title and had many group placings in her failry limited show career. Gpsy is owned by a very good family friend who has recently moved to Rotorua and lives within the same property as us. To Graeme gypsy is an extremely loyal and constant companion, with an exceptionally trainable attitude and loves snuggles. She is also following in the footsteps of her mother (Skyy) and has produced thee beautiful litters with some of her progeny already making their mark in the showring, obediance and agility.

Zola - Takoda Champagne Lady

Zola hit the show ring in 2015 with a hiss and a roar as she took both Baby Puppy in Show awards from her brother at specialty shows. Owned by our good friend Graeme she reside with her mum Gpsy and although she has done well in the showring her outings have been limited and she does not enjoy the showring as much as going for walks in the forest with her dad or lazing in the sun at home.

Zola will move into the breeding programe last in 2017 and we are extremely excited to see her puppies!

Zola has produced some incredible puppies who have all gone into loving family homes. Her daughter Sketch is already showing extreme promise in the showring and her son Yogi will be entering the showring late 2020.

Sadly our beautiful Zola passed away after a tragic accident on February 15th 2020. She is extremely missed by Graeme and her mum Gpsy. RIP our beautiful angel.

Bear - Takoda Halo's Amulet

Bear is from Halo and Koda and has certainly got the fire and attitude from the renegade lines behind Halo! He is an active and eye catching dog in the showring and LOVES obediance training although time has not permitted us to get him to obediance competition yet.

Bear has had group placings and an All Breeds Intermediate in Show. He has had In Show placings at Specialty shows and is close to his NZ Champion title. In 2017 he sired his first litter and one of his sons has already taken a Baby Puppy in Show at Specialty level. We look forward to watching his progeny in the future.


Lulu is the daughter of Halo and Loki. She is a stunning wee girl who has confidence and presence to burn. She loves the showring with Baby Puppy, Puppy and Junior in Show placings at specialty levels as well as many group placings.

Lulu has surpassed all expectations with fantastic showring results including gaining her NZ Champion Title, and reserve in show specialty as well as BEST IN SHOW at the Northern Stafford specialty under Australian judge Fiona McBride in 2019.

Lulu has also produced some fantastic litters with our own Magic and Lizzy some of her stunning progeny.

Her final litter will be toward the end of 2020.

Lace - Warfare Princess Leia at Takoda

Lace came to us from Warfare Kennels. She is a fabulous bitch with a stunning head and personality full of fun and mischief. Lace is shown a few time a year and is also working Rally O, and Canine Good Citizen levels. Lace has produced a couple of beautiful litters with pups displaying incredibly fun and humerous personalities and carrying through her stunning head and calm personality.

Skyy - Dragonstone Faylinn

Skyy was our kennels foundation bitch and a huge asset to the breeding programme. She has now been retired from the showring and spayed so will not breed anymore. She lives with Alison's parents and enjoys daily beach walks, regular fishing trips to local lakes and lots of one on one time being deservedly spoilt.

Jade - Takoda Leather 'n' Lace

This gorgeous girl and daughter of Lace, has flown through the ranks in the showring to be the youngest Takoda bitch to attain her NZ Championship. She came in Reserve in Show at the northern Specialties early in 2019 behind her uncle Koda.

Jade produced a lovely litter at the end of 2019, her daughter Tinker has stayed within the Takoda family and will join the show team late in 2020.

Magic - Takoda Witchery

Magic is the cutie of the team. She goes to shows for cuddles and attention although knows exactly what her job is once she's in the show ring.

Magic is eternally happy and gets on with anyone. She has had one litter and was a fabulous mum to her two lovely pups.

We look forward to more fun with Magic in the future.

Pluto - Renegade Flash for Takoda

Pluto is the some of Bear bred by Renegade Kennels. He is a super active, happy young lad who LOVES to run and play and hang out with his amazing family.

Pluto has had a very successful start to his show career consistently placing in group and breed. We look forward to continuing the journey to his NZ title late in 2020.

YOGI - Takoda Wild Thing

Son of Bear and Zola and the half brother to Pluto, Yogi came back to us in the first part of 2020 after his family reached out to us for help. He is a full on active boy with energy to burn and loves to play fetch and run out in the forest.

Due to covid and the lack of shows he has not had a proper debut in the champs showring yet but we did manage to get him to a Stafford Ribbon day ealry in August where is exceeded expectations and came home with BEST on PARADE!

We look forward to getting yofi out in the champs showring late in 2020.

LIZZY - Takoda Elysium

Wee Lizzy has a lot to live up to with parents two of our specialty Best in Show winners!

Due to covid19 lockdown and restrictions she has not had the showing start that we would normally give our youngsters however has been to a Stafford Ribbon day and came away with Reserve on Parade behind our older boy Yogi.

TINKER - Takoda Tinkerbell

RUBY - Takoda Fraggle Rock